Space Companies in DFW

Companies who are in the Space business in DFW area:

Firehawk Aerospace (Rocket Engine Manufacturer)Richardson, TX
Exos Aerospace (Reusable Sub-Orbital Rocket)Greenville, TX
Space Railway™ Corporation (Space Access)Dallas, TX
Beal AeroSpace (Defunct)Frisco, TX
Armadillo Aerospace (Defunct)Mesquite, Texas
Xtenti (SmallSat Deployment)Dallas, TX
Astrapi Corp (Small Sat COTS parts supplier)Dallas, TX
TT Electronics (Small Sat COTS parts supplier)Plano, TX
Phoenix Space Systems (Status unknown)Dallas, TX
Mitsui Bussan (Japanese company) (Small Sat Development, Launch, Deployment)Irving, TX
Back To Space (Education)Dallas, TX
85+ NASA Contractors (Suppliers)DFW Area

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